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& support small business

See what cool or interesting products are in your city. No need to shop through amazon, when it could be delivered to you in minutes! Did we mention there are no big box stores on our platform, only small business.

"At first I was kind of skeptical of the whole local shopping marketplace thing. But actually this app is really awesome, I love that I've discovered hidden gems around my city that are tucked away."

Jonathan T.

"Amazon Prime Now was the closest thing to this app and even then this blows that out of the water. This is the only app with local products near me that I can get delivered."

Paromita H.

Local shopping
delivered to you in minutes

With StoreSkipper, you can see what's around you and even shop there without ever stepping foot outside of your home. You can also place and pickup an order at anytime!

Shop or browse whats near you

You can search for your favorite shops or see what's trending near you in your city.

Get it delivered or order pickup

Get your order delivered in minutes or you can order pickup through the app if you want a more in person experience.

Forget the big box stores

All products are from small local businesses, no more shopping from big ecommerce. You can shop by store in our app and our partners are verified small businesses so you can skip the boring old big box stores.

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