5 Ways StoreSkipper Can Benefit Your Business


1. We will do the work

Are you barely getting started and need help listing your products? Let us know, and we will send over staff that will:

  • - List products on your store
  • - Optimize your posts for better listing visibility
  • - Take pictures & inventory your selling

2. Its Free

To start selling on StoreSkipper all you need to do is signup your business here

Our delivery drivers will do all the logistics for your business, no need to worry about any additional unneeded expenses.

3. No Cut's or Fees

We take no cuts or fees from your business from any transactions. This takes away the financial pressure of doing business. We primarily make our money from the deliveries & customer fees on our consumer side app!

4. Easy to Use

Posting through our system is easy & intuitive. All you need to do is signup/login, go-to products, and click add. It really is that simple!

All you need to do to receive the payments is to link the bank account of your choice and daily balances will automatically deposit.

5. Visibility & Growth

There's already a huge delivery market and we are tailoring it specifically for local business. It cost nothing to get your name and products out there with the app and everyone within 100 miles will be able to see, buy, and review what your business is posting!

Reach local customers who otherwise would be out of reach, it doesn't matter the location or curb appeal of your business we are here to help!

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